150 years selecting the best saffron

Saffron experts for 5 generations.

Our company was set up in 1874 by Mr. Eustaquio Abad Escolano, Mr. Vicente Navarro Canicio and Mr. Joaquín Iñesta Rico.

 In the beginning their aim was to market all kinds of local products made and manufactured in Spain, but they soon specialized in saffron, selecting the best quality from the different areas, taking great care over the packaging and distributing it all over the world.

During these 5 generations the company has been through different periods until today:

1874: Vicente Navarro & Compañía.

1918: Hijos de Eustaquio Abad & Pérez, SRC.

1960: Eustaquio Abad Mira.

1988: Hijos de Eustaquio Abad & Cia, SRC.

2011: (Separated from the latter) The Saffron Company JJ Ltd.

Quality, our motto.

As it is stated by its name,The Saffron Company starts with the absolute will of an exclusive dedication and the utmost effort to continue with the “savoir fair” inherited within the family and passed on from parents to children, a whole familiar tradition devoted to saffron, the queen of spices in our kitchens, renowned all over the world for its aromatic, dying and healing properties.

Our purpose is to offer you a 100% natural product, and therefore our first goal is quality, so when the product reaches your hands you can fully enjoy the quality of a outstanding product.