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Psyllium husk organic powder

Psyllium is a soluble fibre derived from the seeds of Plantago ovata, which is an herb grown mainly in India and is often used as a food supplement in the form of granules, capsules or powder. However, it can also be an “ingredient” in bakery products.

Because psyllium has excellent water solubility, it can help absorb liquid and become a viscous compound that can resist digestion in the small intestine, helping to regulate excess cholesterol, triglycerides and sugars. In the blood. Psyllium may also help reduce weight, reduce diarrhoea and constipation.

Benefits of Psyllium

Treat diarrhoea.

Psyllium can act as a water-absorbing agent, thickening the stool and slowing its passage through the colon, which helps relieve diarrhoea.
In short, psyllium can help prevent constipation and reduce diarrhoea, effectively helping to normalise bowel movements.

Relieves constipation.

Psyllium can be used as a laxative because it increases the size of the stool and therefore helps to relieve constipation. In fact, plantain can be combined with partially digested foods, which enter the small intestine from the stomach, help absorb water, thus increasing the size and moisture of the stool.

Lower blood sugar levels.

Dietary fibre supplements can help control blood sugar response to meals and, in some cases, can lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

Gelled psyllium fibre may slow the digestion of food and better regulate blood sugar levels.

Helps you lose weight.

Fibres such as psyllium form viscous compounds that can help control appetite and therefore aid weight loss.

Lower cholesterol levels.

Psyllium can combine with fatty acids and bile acids to promote their excretion from the body and ultimately reduce overall cholesterol levels, while increasing levels of HDL cholesterol (the so-called “good cholesterol”).

Good for the heart.

Adding water-soluble fibre such as psyllium to your diet can reduce blood triglycerides, blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

Prebiotic effects.

Prebiotics are undigested compounds that nourish intestinal bacteria and support their growth. Plantain has a prebiotic effect, because although plantain has some resistance to fermentation, a small amount of plantain fibre can be fermented by intestinal bacteria to produce short-chain fatty acids, which is linked to health benefits.

Consult your doctor before starting treatment with herbal medicines.

How to use psyllium husk.

Psyllium contains no gluten or additives, so it is completely suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians.

Psyllium husk is gluten-free and contains no additives.

Psyllium mixes with liquids and quickly forms a kind of gel. These seeds are taken by diluting them in a large glass of water or juice.

Psyllium seeds are very useful in the diet.

It is very important to take the seeds with plenty of liquid, for example 100ml per 5g. Take preferably with meals and avoid taking before going to bed.


It is very important to take the seeds with plenty of liquid, e.g. 100 ml per 5g.

For convenience, it is best to drink the mixture immediately so that it is easily absorbed and the gel forms in the body rather than in the glass. Psyllium can also be mixed with candied fruit, soup, dairy products.

The recommended use for baking is one “tablespoon” (about 20 grams) per 500g of gluten-free flour.
You have to be careful because, as we have explained, Psylium has a large amount of fibre, so it is not advisable to overdo it with the dose.

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