What is coconut sugar? Properties and benefits

Coconut sugar what is it

What is coconut sugar?

Coconut sugar 🥥 is an organic sweetener with great benefits for our health. Discover all it has to offer by scrolling through the images in this publication.

Organic sweetener

Despite its low glycaemic index, it has a valuable nutritional content (potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron) as well as being a natural source of vitamins B and C.

It contains 16 of the 20 essential amino acids and helps us to maintain the feeling of satiety in the body for longer.

What is coconut sugar?

Coconut sugar is a healthy and natural sweetener, extracted from the nectar of the flowers of the coconut palm tree which, after evaporating its moisture in the fire, changes colour until it becomes a dense brown substance that crystallises into coconut sugar.

Its composition is 80% water, 15% sugar and 5% minerals. Although it has been present in Asian cuisine for many years, it is now beginning to be known in the West for its nutritional and beneficial properties for the organism.

Properties and benefits.

  • Low glycaemic index, so it is also suitable for diabetics.
  • Contains essential nutrients: potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, which promotes muscle and bone growth.
  • Contains fewer carbohydrates than sugar.
  • keeps the nervous system calm.
  • Reduces hypertension and promotes blood flow.
Now you know the benefits of coconut sugar, what do you think of this product?

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