Yoghurt and peach mousse

Yoghurt and peach mousse
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Yoghurt and peach mousse

Today we bring you a super recipe made by @sergisoniabcn yoghurt and peach mousse (we share the recipe of these geniuses of the kitchen), you can follow them on their social networks, they do wonderful things.

This super cool mousse is ideal for hot days! ? If you don’t have moulds you can make it in little glasses, it looks great anyway! ?? The textures are incredible, the fluffiness of the mousse together with the biscuit and a peach jelly that melts in your mouth thanks to the pectin in this delicious summer fruit! ??

    ▶️ For the base:
    ?150gr disgestive biscuit
    ?75gr butter ointment
    ▶️ For the yoghurt mousse:
    ?4 natural yoghurts
    ?100g of erythritol from our online shop
    ?75ml milk
    ?5 gelatine sheets (7,5gr)
    ?200ml cold whipping cream
    ▶️ For the peach jelly:
    ?2 peaches
    ?200ml water
    ?50gr erythritol
    ?2 gelatine sheets (3g)

〰️✴️ Preparation of Yoghurt and peach mousse ✴️〰️

1. Crush the biscuits, mix with the butter and press into the base of the ring. To the fridge.

2. For the mousse, hydrate the gelatine and heat a little of the milk in the microwave. Mix the rest of the milk with the yoghurt and the erythritol. Dissolve the gelatine in the hot milk and mix with the rest.

3. Whip the cold cream, mix gently with the rest and divide between the biscuit moulds. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

4. For the gelatine, heat the peach pulp with the water and the erythritol. Leave for 15 minutes and blend.

5. Just before the 2 hours are up, hydrate the gelatine and dissolve it in a little of the hot peach coulis. Mix with the rest of the coulis and pour over the mousses.

6. Leave in the fridge for another 1 hour before unmoulding and serving.

And after waiting for a while…

Our yougur and peach mousse is ready!

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